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Environmental Laboratories

Environmental testing labs have the important function of giving manufacturers important information regarding their production environments and how their product perform in certain environmental conditions. There are many different type of analysis that are performed in environmental testing labs, ranging from the testing of private drinking water to new types of analysis like testing photovoltaic modules and solar panels as to whether they meet the common IEC solar panel test specifications. There is a whole range of different special tests to analyse the key characteristics and behaviors of any product in various conditions.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) generally refers to a system of management controls for laboratories and research organizations to ensure the consistency and reliability of results as outlined in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Principles of GLP, accepted by the EEC (in 1989) amongst others, and consistent with national regulations. GLP applies to a wide range of chemical substances, medicinal products, cosmetics, food and feeding stuffs, pesticides and biocides, detergents and more,

Spectrum has been designed and configured to support all GLP regulations, and other functional requirements relevant to Environmental labs.

Our Clients

Spectrum maintains control and quality limits to achieve TQM.

A unique solution with integrated Statistical Process Control.

Spectrum ensures that internal SOPs and performance parameters are deployed correctly.

Spectrum has the capability to acquire data directly from laboratory instruments.

Spectrum is a complete quality suite to manage end - to - end processes.

Spectrum is an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software solution.