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Inquiries and Reporting

Spectrum includes a wide range of inquiry and reporting tools, ranging from simple interactive inquiries, through simple and complex reporting, to statistical analysis and export to separate reporting and data warehousing solutions.

Spectrum contains an “Inquiry Creation Wizard” that makes the creation of new inquiries “easier than e-mail” with simple step-by-step process. The wizard has the flexibility to allow users to cancel, re-open and duplicate existing inquiries, saving time, and custom inquiries can be developed. Spectrum’s “Resolution Control” offers users control over each inquiry, with the ability to close inquiries upon receipt of a final resolution, drill-down from the inquiry to the original record of the test or reading, and the system provides users with complete visibility and control of the data.

Spectrum’s reports are parameter-driven, allowing the user to select which records are displayed in the report. The following is a sub-set of the reporting provided as standard by Spectrum:

  • Current status of a batch/sample
  • Outstanding batches/samples
  • Complete information of a batch/sample
  • Normal/Abnormal test
  • Approved/Rejected test
  • Test results by analyst
  • Average lead time by product
  • Analytical report (Protocol)
  • Batch/Sample retest/revalidation date
  • Supplier Performance
  • Trend Analysis and etc.

The extensive data maintained in Spectrum can be used for the generation of further reports as required.

Spectrum provides a wide range of graphical charts. Graphs can be updated automatically in real-time on-screen. This means that the data is refreshed periodically and always reflects the most recent input into the database.

Export to Excel and Other Packages
You can export reports and forms to a variety of report formats, including: Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Rich Text, and Tab-delimited file. This allows users to modify the reports further in the tool of their choosing.

Our Clients

Spectrum maintains control and quality limits to achieve TQM.

A unique solution with integrated Statistical Process Control.

Spectrum ensures that internal SOPs and performance parameters are deployed correctly.

Spectrum has the capability to acquire data directly from laboratory instruments.

Spectrum is a complete quality suite to manage end - to - end processes.

Spectrum is an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software solution.