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Spectrum Inventory

SPECTRUM Inventory helps track and manage the inventory of all laboratory items, like glassware, chemicals etc. It makes the process of tracking and controlling all lab items fast and easy. The data for all items is updated in real-time, so that you can have the correct current stock position at all times to help in improved decision making.

Spectrum Inventory provides real-time inventory status with reorder point alerts to help maintain optimized inventory levels. This leads to the reduction of inventory costs and helps monitor the performance of various suppliers.

A complete and unlimited number of inventory items with various groupings and categorization of suppliers and manufacturers can be maintained in Spectrum Inventory. Inventory Items are associated with their suppliers and manufacturers to provide ease in identifying the resources for any particular item.

All inventory management activities like receipt, issuance, stock transfer, adjustments etc. are maintained within the system. Spectrum Inventory also provides the facility for returnable issuance of items, needed for those items which are temporarily issued and will be returned after some time. The system also provides prompts for the items due to be returned after specific periods.

Alerts and prompts based on the reorder point setting facility in Spectrum Inventory ensures that important inventory items are never out of stock, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the lab.

Spectrum Inventory provides a wide range of output reports and inquiries that show the current inventory status, movement of a particular item, and item(s) that need reordering.

Our Clients

Spectrum maintains control and quality limits to achieve TQM.

A unique solution with integrated Statistical Process Control.

Spectrum ensures that internal SOPs and performance parameters are deployed correctly.

Spectrum has the capability to acquire data directly from laboratory instruments.

Spectrum is a complete quality suite to manage end - to - end processes.

Spectrum is an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software solution.